The prices vary according to:

  1. How many libraries are used
  2. Types of elements that are supplied to construct the cue sheets
  3. Any special requirements for construction of cue sheets such as format etc
  4. If induction into RapidCue or SoundMouse is required
  5. The length of the program

The simplest cue sheet delivery would cost $85 per cue sheet if:

  1. An .aaf from AVID is supplied or if a Pro Tools session (minus media) is supplied
  2. A single library is used
  3. An excel sheet (under a previously agreed format) is all that is required for delivery
  4. The program is under an hour long

There would have to be cost adjustments if:

  1. An.edl or any other form (other than .aaf or Pro Tools) of information is supplied
  2. There is more than 1 library used (depending on which libraries are used)
  3. An unusual excel sheet format is required
  4. Induction into RapidCue or SoundMouse is required
  5. The program length is over 1 hour

Cost adjustments are negotiable depending on requirements